118 Patients Rescued by Remote Patient Follow-up

118 Patients Rescued by Remote Patient Follow-up

A total of 2340 patients were followed up with the Dakik Telemedicine Platform over a period of approximately 3 years. Early diagnosis of possible complications that could result in 118 deaths was achieved. Unnecessary hospitalization was prevented in 468 cases. Scientific research conducted at TOBB University Faculty of Medicine was published in a famous American Journal of Cardiac Surgery.

Discharged Patients were Remotely Followed

2340 patients who were discharged from TOBB ETU Medical Faculty Cardiovascular Surgery for 3 years were followed remotely with the Telemedicine Platform Punctual System. During this follow-up, TOBB ETU Cardiovascular Surgery Department Doctors / Nurses contacted their discharged patients 135,786 times. During this period, the vital parameters of the patients (BP, Pulse, EKG, Fever, Saturation, Blood Sugar, INR, etc.) were measured 105,335 times. Video conversations were held with patients 782 times.

118 Cases Recovered

During the follow-up period, drug change and discontinuation were recommended in 11% of cases. Complications were diagnosed through the system in 612 (26%) cases. 468 (20%) cases were treated with remote advice without the need to go to the hospital medically. In 118 (5%) cases, an absolutely fatal complication was diagnosed early and the patients were referred to the nearest health institutions. In 44 cases, Covid was diagnosed remotely.

The System that Comforts Health Professionals and Patients

Hospital nurses played a major role in communication, especially regarding home care processes. 87% of communication was carried out by nurses. The workload of the doctors decreased as there were no unnecessary hospital applications. Patients no longer need to come to the hospital for INR Measurements. You can access the publication by clicking here.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9292885/