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Thanks to the Dakik INR Tracking System, it is possible to receive service under the coaching of Health Professionals without even visiting the hospital.

INR Monitoring by Using Warfarin


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In addition to the time saving for INR Analysis, an artificial intelligence system allows users to be called by phone in case at dangerous levels. You can also join and have whole benefit from this "talking" system.

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INR & Warfarin

Warfarin is a serious blood thinner used in coagulation disorders, heart valve replacement, thrombosis, heart arrhythmias and using warfarin requires continuous INR analysis. These tests can be temporary for spesific cases, but for patients who use Warfarin for life-time, it is a very difficult process to go to the hospital every month or second week and have the test of blood viscosity. For this reason, thanks to the developed Handheld Devices, the blood viscosity can be measured at home conditions and the dose of Warfarin can be adjusted remotely. In this case, analysing of the INR (International Normalized Ratio) will be performed at home with a drop of blood, without ever going to the hospital. The results reach the Doctor or Health Professionals via the mobile device and the dose is adjusted; the Therapy-Plan of Warfarin usage and INR analyzes are instantly notified to the patient from the Dakik Medication Reminder system, and the patients are able to take their tablets on-time.

INR & Warfarin

Regular INR Measurement Saves Lives

Regular INR Measurement Saves Lives

The INR value should be between 2 and 4 in most patients, as predicted by Health Professionals. When this value is high, it may cause bleeding, if it is low, it may cause emboli or, in those with a mechanical valve, the valve may break down and thus fill with clots. In any case, there is a life-threatening risk.

With the Dakik INR System, notifications and warnings are sent to the patient every day regarding the Warfarin they use. A total of 1400 training pages (5-10 per day) (Image, Video, Animation, Text, etc.) are transmitted to mobile phones alternately every day. Thus, patients learn about life with Warfarin, they know what to watch out for and what foods or drugs they interact with. Conscious patient and strict INR monitoring saves lives.

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