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Vital Parameters One Device

Panic Values Notification Module

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An ideal Combination for Home Monitoring and Home Care

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Criteria for Professional Follow-up

Remote Vital Parameter Measurement


It provides the opportunity to measure the important vital parameter with a single device.

Patient Comfort is at the Front-End

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The device which is called Health Monitor Dakik, performs measurements through Bluetooth and transfer results to the Doctor or Hospital instantly. Tension and Pulse measurement from the arm and also important vital parameters such as Fever, Saturation, Blood Glucose, and ECG can be measured with the device and the results are directly sent to patients’ and doctors’ mobile phones. The course of the vital parameters can be diagrammatically followed-up by Health Professionals which is crucial. From medication dosages to treatment optimization, everything proceeds according to the follow-up of these parameters. Health Professionals can simultaneously see data of patients and they are notified about the limit values.

Remote Vital Parameter Measurement System

  1. Blood Pressure Measurement in the Arm
  2. Heart Rate
  3. Body Temperature
  4. Oxygen Saturation
  5. Blood Sugar
  6. ECG (Finger Tip)

Measurements of the most important parameters for remote patient monitoring have become possible with a single device. With the Dakik Health Monitor device, Telemedicine and Teleconsultation are carried out in a much more professional way. Sharing the measured values with the Telemedical Team (Doctor or Nurse) simultaneously gives confidence to the patients. It is the desire of every patient to transmit pathological values to Health Professionals and to be able to communicate with them.

Comfortable, Easy, Effective

Patient Comfort: All measured parameters are instantly transmitted to the Doctor on the mobile phone and from here.

As in the Hospital: All measurements of the patient can be followed remotely, they are displayed graphically, communication with the doctor is possible.

Effective: All measurements can be collected in a single device, analysis and reporting are available, warning system for pathological values

It is an ideal system for all current problematic issues such as elderly care and home care processes, from remote hypertension to arrhythmia monitoring, from infectious diseases to lung diseases. It has become much more comfortable to make simultaneous measurements with a single device instead of having many devices at home.

The benefits of technology for every patient benefit from early recognition of some potential medical complications. The fact that patients feel safe takes them one step further in the recovery process in their treatment. The treatments of Health Institutions and Health Professionals continue at home without interruption.

Health Monitor Dakik© Advantages of Use

  • 6 High Sensor Technology in one device
  • Compatible with Wireless Systems Technology (IoT)
  • Suitable for use in hospital
  • Integration into Hospital System possible
  • Statistical Analysis, Reporting available
  • Suitable for Telemedicine, Home Care, Home Health Technologies for Remote Monitoring
  • Reminder of Pathological Values (Not Only Patients, also Doctors)
  • Values can be transmitted also patient relatives
  • With this device integrated into Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Platform, Holter for Blood Pressure has also become possible. When combined with the Alert Suggestion Engine in Dakik, Health Professionals' home care processes continue without interruption.

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