Video Conference System with Corona (Covid-19) Patients

Video Conference System with Corona (Covid-19) Patients

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System offers Video Conferencing Tool to minimize the entries of the Healthcare Professionals to the corona patient room.

In the fight against Corona Virus, it is necessary to keep the technology in the hospital environment at the highest level. Entrance and exits to the patient room brings with it the necessity to enter with a protective suit, mask and glasses. It is unquestionable that it is an acceptable situation for mandatory enteries. However, when entering the room with an "astronaut" outfit, a negative situation occurs in terms of patient psychology, and too much communication can not be established with the patient since the duration of the room will be kept short. Communication can not be done only with voice, but facial expressions, eye expression, tone of voice, and communication time play an important role.

For this reason, Dakik Patient Monitoring Systems offers a video conference system within the Mobile application. Thanks to this system, the patient's Nurse, her own Doctor and even consultant physicians have the opportunity to meet with the patient for a long time without sharing private phone numbers. This particularly eliminates the "jailed" psychology under isolation. In its widespread use, patients do not feel in space and can receive the necessary energy from Healthcare Professionals through constant information and face-to-face meetings.

They also have the opportunity to meet with a psychologist. Psychological support can also be given from within the hospital or remotely.

The aim here is to follow up the people who already face a disease that forces the immune system, without being more morally affected.

Please see our Video at : Dakik System for Corona Virus