Dakik COVID-19 Quarantine Mobile Application

Dakik COVID-19 Quarantine Mobile Application

​Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Systems has launched a new monitoring application for patients who have Coronavirus and risk groups. With this application, vital parameters can be followed and medical controls can be done remotely. This application also has features such as map locations. For one and a half years, TOBB ETU University Medical Faculty Hospital has been using this system with great feedbacks and until today, 62 fatal complications have been prevented and treated thanks to this system.

The health status of Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System patients (patients who have Corona Virus and risk groups) are being followed remotely. This system works with users’ mobile phones. Especially with the device named Health Monitor DAKIK, patients can measure health parameters and instantly share data with Doctors and Health Professionals. Recently, patients apply to hospitals with suspected coronavirus, some of them are hospitalized and some of them are in-home quarantine. With this system, patients whose general medical conditions are fine can be kept under control in terms of vital parameters at their homes. The system allows video conferences between patient and doctor if necessary, in this way, patients may benefit from online doctor visits at their homes.

Health Monitor Device measures below parameters:

1) Blood Pressure (Systole & Diastolic Blood Pressure )

2) Pulse ( Heart Rate)

3) Saturation (Lung Oxygene Capacity)

4) Fever (with Contact-free Thermometer)

5) Blood Glucose

6) ECG

Results of measurements that are made upon doctor suggestions are instantly sent to patients and doctors/health professionals’ mobile phones. All data are kept in high-tech servers and allow epidemiologic analysis. This aims to research risk groups scientifically and with updates, to view vital parameters (such as fever), find the location of the person and provide direct communication.

Other features of the application:

1) Chat (Communication with Doctor and Health Professionals)

2) Press to Talk Module (Voicemail system)

3) Medication Module and Reminder (User or patients’ medication diagram, daily doses and reminder. Doctors and Health Professionals can display.

4) Medical Documents Module (This module keeps all DICOM files of patients and users such as Epicrisis and Health Reports according to dates and qualifications. In this way, Doctor or Health Professional may evaluate the patient as a whole among hundreds of patients. Tomography results and findings are very important especially for COVID-19 patients, these results can also be seen by Doctors.)

5) Device Integration Module (This module is the integration of DAKIK, Patch ECG and other medical devices that works with Bluetooth. The measurement results of these devices are combined in the same analysis. This means, even if different devices are used for measuring, all values such as results of Fever, Blood Pressure and pulse are recorded in the same analysis and they are transferred to the doctor through the same interface.)

6) Warning-Suggestion Engine (It is prepared specifically for the patient’s illness, medications and risk group. It is an educational platform that warns patients everyday and notifies them about recent developments. The algorithm behind the system benefits from patient data and the system reminds users and patients about what they should do daily, educates and keeps them in the measurement or treatment program. In this way, the management of people in home quarantine is standardized.)

7) Vital Data Graphics (Patient measurement results are instantly sent to the doctor’s mobile phone and they are collected in a graphic. Health Professionals may see all past data and changes visually in the analysis. It is important especially in epidemic and pandemic cases as fever and saturation data become more vital in such cases.)