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Medication Reminder

After the treatment, there may be some indiscipline in the treatment plans while the patients are at home. In particular, some drugs (for the heart, blood thinners, immune system, etc.) should be taken on time during the day.

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T:C: Our Registration in the Ministry of Health, KTS System ...

As Dakik Remote Patient Tracking Systems , we provide services as T.C Ministry of Health certified software. Our integrations with the Ministry of Health modules such as E-Pulse, E-Prescription etc. have been completed (August 2022).

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Dakik COVID-19 Quarantine Mobile Application

​Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Systems has launched a new monitoring application for patients who have Coronavirus and risk groups. With this application, vital parameters can be followed and medical controls can be done remotely. This application also has features such as map locations. For one and a half years, TOBB ETU University Medical Faculty Hospital has been using this system with great feedbacks and until today, 62 fatal complications have been prevented and treated thanks to this system.

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Health Monitor Dakik

6 Vital Parameters in One Device

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Communication with Health Professionals

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System (RPM) allows you to instantly communicate with Healthcare Professionals

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