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Have You Met Glunovo?

Bloodless Glucometer Device As a diabetic, protecting yourself from sugar fluctuations means protecting yourself from the complications of this disease.

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ECG Holter

Patch ECG

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If you are using warfarin, do drinks have an effect on warfarin? What drinks should I consume less or say goodbye to? Here are the answers…

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118 Patients Rescued by Remote Patient Follow-up

A total of 2340 patients were followed up with the Dakik Telemedicine Platform over a period of approximately 3 years. Early diagnosis of possible complications that could result in 118 deaths was achieved. Unnecessary hospitalization was prevented in 468 cases. Scientific research conducted at TOBB University Faculty of Medicine was published in a famous American Journal of Cardiac Surgery.

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What is Patient Tracking System?

Remote Patient Tracking System is the general name of the technologies that enable the patient to be followed up by the doctor outside the traditional clinical environment (Home, etc.) after the treatment and save the patient's transportation costs and the time required for control.

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