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America's $250 Billion Health Expenditures Virtual...

With more people choosing Telemedicine and virtual care services every day, according to the report published in McKinsey recently, it is estimated that 250 billion dollars of the current health care expenditures of the United States can be made virtual in theory.

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Dakik Glunovo is Coming!

A new Sensor in the Diabetes Technologies World is coming . The Continuous Glucose Measurement System called Dakik Glunovo, implemented with the Turkish-Italian-Chinese joint Project, will finally reach users in December.

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Coumadin interacts with many medications and supplements. Especially vitamin K significantly changes the effect of coumadin. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before starting to use any vitamin, supplementary food. When we look at the relationship of warfarin with vitamins:

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Mobile Application

Stay in touch with your Doctor with the Punctual Patient Tracking Application. Share your Medications and Measurements. Follow the test results obtained in the hospital from your phone.

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ECG Holter

Patch ECG

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