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Remote Patient Monitoring Services
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Dakik Mobile System

Follow-up with a Device, Medication Follow-up, Treatment Programs, Warning against an Illness- Suggestion System, Medical Data (DICOM, Angiography, Tomography, Epicrisis, Reports, Lab Results, etc.), Mobile Access and other features.

Dakik Mobile System

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Systems is a system chain that can adapt today’s technology to individual health, preventive medicine, home care services, and follow-up which is appropriate for Health Professionals from all branches. Modules of the system which works as a mobile system and a web-based system provide communication between patients and Health Professionals. In this way, patients can be followed-up and feel like they are at the hospital even if they are at home.

Remote ECG Dakik

Reading cardiac signals thanks to advanced technologies

Remote ECG Dakik

This device is one of the smallest Holter ECG Monitors with a weight of 10 grams and a length of 4 cm. It’s named Holter by Heath Professionals, it can record heartbeat for 24 hours and detect rhythm disturbances. Besides, with its Telemetry function, it can transfer instant ECG to Health Professionals remotely, between cities or countries and almost everywhere that the internet is available. Users and Patients can contact their doctors through the software system when they feel there is a problem with their health and they can also transfer their current ECG results online. Thanks to this technology, home care, and remote follow-up become much easier for Doctors and Hospitals.

Health Monitor Dakik

Blood Pressure, Pulse, Saturation, Fever, Blood Sugar, ECG in one single device

Health Monitor Dakik

The device which is called Health Monitor Dakik, performs measurements through Bluetooth and transfer results to the Doctor or Hospital instantly. Tension and Pulse measurement from the arm and also important vital parameters such as Fever, Saturation, Blood Glucose, and ECG can be measured with the device and the results are directly sent to patients’ and doctors’ mobile phones. The course of the vital parameters can be diagrammatically followed-up by Health Professionals which is crucial. From medication dosages to treatment optimization, everything proceeds according to the follow-up of these parameters. Health Professionals can simultaneously see data of patients and they are notified about the limit values.

INR Tracking System

INR Test is much easier for people who use the blood thinner named Warfarin.

 INR Tracking System

Coagulopathy, cardiac valve replacement, thrombosis, cardiac arrhythmia patients use the blood thinner named Warfarin which necessitates INR Tests. For some patients, these tests are necessary for a period of time whereas others may require it for a lifetime. These patients who need INR tests for a lifetime should go to hospitals for these tests once in a week or month and this can be really hard for the patient. For this reason, hand type device has been developed so that these patients don’t have to go to hospitals to get the INR test. Instead, patients can measure INR at their home with a drop of blood, and their medication dosages are arranged by their doctors. The result of the INR Test is sent to the Doctor or Health professional and the dose adjustment is made accordingly. With the reminder system of DAKIK, patients take their medicine without dose skipping or any other problems. DAKIK System also sends notifications and warnings about the patient’s own medication every day. Approximately 1400 warning and suggestion pages (Visuals, Video, Animation, Text, etc.) are shared with patients for education every day. In this way, patients learn to live with Warfarin and know the things that they need to pay attention to or which foods are appropriate during the use of the medication. Conscious patients and strict follow-up save lives.

Life Energy Test

Life Energy Evaluation with cardiac signals

 Life Energy Test

Along with Patch ECG Dakik and Holter ECG, with the analysis of heartbeat variations (Autonom Health), patients may find out their biological ages, stress level, vitality potential, life energy, and many other information about their general state of health. The medical analysis which is based on hundreds of scientific researches named “Heart Rate Variability” is currently reachable through Patch ECG Dakik. The 24 HRV Analysis is the analysis of a male user (20 years old).

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Video Conference System with Corona (Covid-19) Patients

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System offers Video Conferencing Tool to minimize the entries of the Healthcare Professionals to the corona patient room.

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Technology to Relax Healthcare Professionals in Covid-19 Cas...

A new technology has been developed that can be a glimmer of hope for quarantine services where many patients infected with Corona Virus. In particular, a system has been prepared to reduce the excessive contact of the staff of Nurses and Physicians with the Covid-19 infected patients. The system enables more control despite less contact, and thus to prevent serious waste of protective materials.

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Health Monitor Dakik

6 Vital Parameters in One Device

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Communication with Health Professionals

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System (RPM) allows you to instantly communicate with Healthcare Professionals

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Dakik COVID-19 Quarantine Mobile Application

​Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Systems has launched a new monitoring application for patients who have Coronavirus and risk groups. With this application, vital parameters can be followed and medical controls can be done remotely. This application also has features such as map locations. For one and a half years, TOBB ETU University Medical Faculty Hospital has been using this system with great feedbacks and until today, 62 fatal complications have been prevented and treated thanks to this system.

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