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Thanks to Dakik© products and services, measurements such as heart rate, blood pressure, telemetric EKG, Holter, O₂ Saturation, Fever and Blood Sugar can be made automatically with wireless personal test devices. The mentioned measurement and drug intake processes are shared simultaneously between the patient and the doctor, and historical graphs can be displayed. In the telemetry area, the vital data of the patient is processed in real time on the server and an alarm can be given to the doctor or patient according to the determined conditions.


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Remote Patient Monitoring with Wearable Wireless Medical Devices

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A very useful and modern understanding, I congratulate the mentality that carried out this project, and I would like to thank you.

Thanks to those who contributed. I am quite satisfied, no worries about not being able to communicate in the first place. We can also provide all kinds of consultations on the subject.

Thanks to this mobile application, we learn all the issues that we will apply at home to our mother quickly and firsthand. Thank you very much

Dakik remote patient monitoring system and the vital parameter device is an easy and comfortable system. Especially during this Pandemic period, it contributes to the health of the patient and the Doctors and Healthcare workers who follow him or her in a protective way.

It's a good application, it's great to reach my doctor instantly when I'm in trouble, at least it relaxes psychologically... thank you

It's a great system for our patient's at home treatment follow-up. Traveling with our doctor and his assistant makes people feel safe. If we have a time rest of life, I don't want to leave the system. My patient's safety is so that I can be peaceful.

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Video Conference System with Corona (Covid-19) Patients

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System offers Video Conferencing Tool to minimize the entries of the Healthcare Professionals to the corona patient room.

Technology to Relax Healthcare Professionals in Covid-19 Cas...

A new technology has been developed that can be a glimmer of hope for quarantine services where many patients infected with Corona Virus. In particular, a system has been prepared to reduce the excessive contact of the staff of Nurses and Physicians with the Covid-19 infected patients. The system enables more control despite less contact, and thus to prevent serious waste of protective materials.

Health Monitor Dakik

6 Vital Parameters in One Device

Communication with Health Professionals

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring System (RPM) allows you to instantly communicate with Healthcare Professionals

Dakik COVID-19 Quarantine Mobile Application

​Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Systems has launched a new monitoring application for patients who have Coronavirus and risk groups. With this application, vital parameters can be followed and medical controls can be done remotely. This application also has features such as map locations. For one and a half years, TOBB ETU University Medical Faculty Hospital has been using this system with great feedbacks and until today, 62 fatal complications have been prevented and treated thanks to this system.

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