Life Energy Analysis HRV using Dakik© Holter

What is Heart Rate Variability Analysis ? How can we use it ?

Every single heartbeat is different from another on a msec basis. These variations depend on individuals. Our bodies can adapt to all kinds of variations of daily life.

The heart which works with the brain (Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nerve System) generally functions on it’s own and that’s why scientists believe that the heart has it’s own “intelligence” and they call it “the Heart Intelligence”.

In 1963, Hon and Lee published an article that claims that the heartbeat sequence variability before birth gives information about the general health state of a newborn baby. Heart Rate Variability was created and proven itself with this publishing. 50 years after finding that the well being of the health and body is diagnosed by the heart rate variability, we can now calculate and visualize the current health state of individuals precisely, from all ages. There are more than 26.000 articles on PubMed database of medical publications about this subject.

Factors Affecting Heart Rate

The human body is full of energy. The flow of energy or electricity not only stimulates the heart but also enables the whole nervous system, organs and mechanical system (Movement System) to function. Each electricity power creates a magnetic flow. When magnetic flows combine with nerve’s sensation mechanisms of the human body, it affects external factors, development, learning, experience, sympathetic/ parasympathetic nervous system, sleep, and everything that happens within the human body. The heart also creates flow on its own and with it’s “intelligence”, it functions in harmony with all of the organs in the body particularly with the brain. Except for hormonal and nervous affections, by gaining inspiration from below magnetic effects, the heart also manages it’s own functions which depend on the person:

1.Central Nervous System

2. Autonomic Nervous System

3. Sinoatrial Node (heart’s primary source of electricity)

4. Respiration (Lungs)

5. Tension changes, daily activities

6. Eating and Drinking

7. Circulatory System, the flow of the capillary system

8. Menstruation

9. Seasons

10. Life Cycles

What does HRV Life Energy Analysis show?

24-hours Life Energy Analysis (HRV Analysis) provides a lot of information about an individual’s health state. The analysis which we call mathematical and scientific measurement of health provides information under below titles:

1. Biological Age

2. Performance Potential of Body

3. Stress Potential

4. Burnout Syndrome Risk

5. Sleep Cycle and Quality

6. Regeneration, cell renewal rate

7. Mental performance, concentration

8. Eating and Drinking Habits and their effects on the body

9. Respiration, breath quality

10. Risk of chronic and infection diseases

11. Health state of heart

Snap HRV graphic on the left side shows an individual’s stressful and angry state while on the right side you can see the calm and comfortable state of the same person where breaths become relaxed.

24-hours Life Energy (HRV) Analysis

Various 24-hours HRV Analysis examples that are taken from different users and made with Holter System Dakik© are presented below. You can see 23 years old healthy male user’s graphic on Image 1 (on the top). His life energy is pretty well, night sleep is regular and qualified, stress potential is low and resistance to diseases is high.

In Image 2 (in the middle) you can see 45 years old user who is exposed to chronic stress and works at night, with bad quality of sleep and low-resistance. It is found that the biological age of that user is 62.

In Image 3 (at the bottom) there is a life energy graphic (Heart Rate Variability Analysis) of a company owner whose age is 52. His biological age is found as 84 and it is also seen that his body immunity is very low, he has a bad quality of sleep and his regeneration level is under limits. However, his medical check-up results are evaluated as normal which shows how important is Life Energy Analysis of HRV Dakik. (Graphs were created by Autonom Health Portal).

Life Energy Analysis (HRV) Areas of Use

HRV Dakik© Life Energy Analysis can be used in various areas. Since 2015, it has been used in Occupational Medicine as a check-up model in Germany. Workers become healthier and more productive thanks to HRV Analysis and suggestions of workplace doctors.

HRV Dakik© Areas of Use

1.Occupational Medicine, Join Health and Safety Unit

2.Hospitals, Doctors

3.Medical Centers, Polyclinics

4. Family Medicine Departments

5.Firms (for their workers: Drivers, Pilots)

6.Athletes, Trainers

7.Individual use

8.Sleep Labs


10.Psychologists, Pschiatrists

11.Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation Centers

HRV Dakik©Analysis Examples

As the above picture shows, although his night sleep is well (red arrow), 42 years old driver snoozes (circled areas) in the morning (08:15 – 09.30) and afternoon (15:00 – 17:30) while he is driving because of his alcohol usage at dinners.

As the below picture,

In the picture below, it was found that how much the sport done by a 38-year-old person in the evening hours (19: 30-20: 15) forced him (red arrows), how low the energy of life decreased, and even the night's sleep deteriorated due to this reason (in the round). (Graphs were created by Autonom Health Portal).