Dakik© App

Dakik© Remote Patient Monitoring Systems is a system chain that can adapt today’s technology to individual health, preventive medicine, home care services, and follow-up which is appropriate for Health Professionals from almost all branches. Modules of the system which works as a mobile system and a web-based system provide communication between patients and Health Professionals. In this way, patients can be followed-up and feel like they are at the hospital even if they are at home.

Dakik© Medication Reminder System

For almost all medications, daily doses and the time of doses are very important. There is a “Medication Reminder” module in Dakik System to make patients and people who have chronic diseases take their medications efficiently. Furthermore, this information is transferred to the patient’s own doctor so that dose skipping can be prevented, optionally patients’ relatives can also be informed too.

Dakik© Measurement, Virtual Visit, Control Dates and Reminder Systems

Patient’s medications, measurement results, nutrition plans, examination or control dates, and many other details are included in the reminder module, related information is sent to Doctors, Nurses, and optionally patient relatives. In this way, potential troubles are prevented.

Dakik© Patient-Health Professional Communication System

Patients can contact their doctors through chat, voice message, or video conference with Dakik System. Tele-Medicine Team or patients’ relatives can be included in this communication system.

Dakik© Online Vital Parameter Follow-up

All measurement results that are acquired with Dakik Software System devices such as Health Monitor Dakik, Holter System Dakik, INR device and etc. are instantly sent to patients’ mobile phones and Tele-Medicine Teams (Doctor, Nurse, Health Professionals).

All values can be evaluated diagrammatically and used for the optimization of applied treatment. Pathological values are sent as an additional notification.

Dakik© Medical Documents

All reports (Epicrisis, Surgery reports etc.), and DICOM data (Angiography, BT, MR etc.) of patients are kept under this module. In this way, Tele-Medicine Team will not miss out a single detail of a patient. Medical Documents Module is also higly practical for patients. Even if it’s electronic or paper, all documents are collected in a single platform and in the event that another doctor is participated to the treatment, document sharing becomes easy.

Dakik© Warning and Suggestion System

It’s an information system that includes all diagnostic and treatment datas, medications, warnings and suggestions. In this system, patients or users receive 5-10 notifications about various information. They can find informative texts with visuals, videos and links.

Dakik© “Virtual Examination” Video Conference System

Without visiting the hospital, patients can meet their doctors through Dakik’s online platform. HD Video Conference System can be used with prepayment and from the Medical Files module, DICOM images can be viewed simultaneously by the doctor and patient through the desktop.