About us

Since 2005, our firm has been conducted activities on Health Care Softwares and started R&D activities as Map2heal Information Technologies Co. Ltd. at Hacettepe Teknokent Beytepe/ Ankara.

Our firm aims to develop the relationship between doctor and patient technologically and becomes one of the most innovative firms in the sector with projects such as displaying medical files online, second doctor’s opinion module, and health tourism development. Thanks to the acquired national and international experiences, our firm has succeeded in developing its own product and service group under Dakik© brand, especially on cardiovascular surgery post-op patients.

Dakik© products (see : Health Monitor Dakik©, Holter System Dakik©) and services have made it possible to measure pulse, tension, telemetric ECG, Holter, O2 Saturation, Fever, and Blood Glucose with wireless individual test devices. Measurement values and medication information are simultaneously between doctor and patient, at the same time, previous graphics can be displayed. In the telemetry area, the patient’s vital data is processed in the server simultaneously and according to the determined conditions, it alerts the doctor and patient through notifications.

In addition to all these, by developing the worlds smallest Holter Device, besides ECG signals, with the analyzing software of Heart Rate Variability, we are able to calculate the Life Energies, biological age, stress potential, concentration, cell renewal, etc. The system that reveals many healthy living data has been developed. In the system called Life Energy Analysis, medical results have been reached that can be answered as a result of the analysis of the signals received from the 24-hour holter ECG device (RR Interval) and which can answer the question of how healthy we are.

The firm has achieved various cooperations with different firms and scientists from China, Germany, Australia, and Poland. Health data is kept appropriate with GDRP standards with end to end encryption. Data that is shared with 3rd person or parties have become anonymous.

From the date of establishment, our firm has solely given services in the field of the health system, the primary aim and income model of our firm have been to strengthen communication between patient and health professionals and support the sector. All of these projects and works have been conducted by using scientific methods and evaluated by medical consultants and ethical committee. Required regulations are practiced by considering the feedbacks of these people and institutions.

We provide services in this sector to make it more transparent, healthier and we invite you to be a part of this happy and peaceful world in the sector.

With kind regards,

Map2heal Board of Management